Anne Arundel Alarmers

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      The Rigs of CW - 1  

   The first CW-1 was a 1949 International step van, used as a bread truck.  Purchased from Consolidated Delivery, Inc., and placed in service in September 1958.  It carried only a double coffee urn, and had some storage space.

The second CW-1 was a 1949 ACF Brill coach bus, purchased from Harford Motor Coach.  It was converted by the members, and dedicated on May 5, 1960.  It had full kitchen capabilities, and hot and cold water tanks. An added feature was the first of it's kind first aid area.

 The next CW-1 was the first new vehicle purchased by the Alarmers.  It was a 1969 Twin Coach, built by Hiway Products Inc., of Kent Ohio, and dedicated May 5, 1969.  It had full kitchen capabilities, hot and cold water tanks, an on board 12 KW generator, air conditioning, and the first aid area.

Our next CW-1 was a 1989 Ranger.  It was built on an Oshkosh chassis, the interior designed and built by Ranger Fire Apparatus in Smithfield, Rhode Island.  It has full kitchen capabilities, six gallon hot water heater, on board 12 KW generator, with air conditioning and  a TV.  It has a ALS treatment area and EMRC radio.  It was the first unit to have a bathroom in the original design.  It was dedicated on June 18, 1989, in memory of founding members: Harry Arrow, John Hruska, and George Lord.  Also dedicated in memory of long time members: Dorsey Robinson, Willard Kelley, August Herman, Warren Shadle, Herman Susser, Henry Storm, Al Myers, Langdon Barbour, Ed Thomas, Vester Byrd, Ray Robey Sr, and Lawrence Griffin Sr.

Unit was sold to the City of Laurel, Maryland, and was used as a canteen unit for several years, until they bought a new one.

 The current CW-1 is a 2008 Pierce built on Saber chassis, and powered by a Cummins 330 HP diesel engine, and an Allison EVS 3000  5 speed automatic transmission.  The kitchen area was designed and built by Custom Products Company, from Hammonton, NJ.  We included modern upgrades in the design of the new unit.  There is a larger bathroom, a larger kitchen area, and the EMS area has been removed.  The new unit was dedicated on July 12, 2009, in memory Louis "Al" Brandt.  Al was a co-founding member, and our first president

In January 2022. we sold this unit back to Pierce.  They will refurbish it, and use it as a canteen type unit themselves.

       THE RIGS OF CW - 2

  The first CW-2 was this 1965 Chevy stepvan.  It was donated to the Alarmers by the county, and was returned to the county to become an air cascade unit.  It was converted by the members to be a backup unit for CW-1. 

  The current CW-2 is a 1999 step van purchased new.  It is built on an International chassis, with a Gruman/Olsen body.  The working area was built by Yaissle Body Fabricators of Pottsville, Pa.  (Now Krammes Kustom Body).  It was dedicated on October 24, 1999, in the memory of Virginia & Frank Pleyo, Robert Baker Sr, William Tuder, and Nancy Robey.

  The new CW-2 is air conditioned, has a double burner gas stove, a double coffee urn, kitchen sink, refrigerator, microwave, ice box, fresh water tanks, a 4 gallon hot water heater, and counter space.  Power is provided by a 7KW generator.

In June of 2015, we received a grant from Baltimore Gas & Electric Company.  This grant allowed us to give   CW-2 a cosmetic rehab.  We removed the bathroom,   and made a storage area behind the driver.

The completed storage area behind the driver.

We were able to remove the old double burner propane fed coffee maker, and install 2 small Bunn coffee makers.  They are much faster than the old one.

We had a larger serving window installed.  The work was done by Custom Kitchens of Manassas, Va.  They were able to upgrade the electrical system to take some to the load off the generator.

The larger serving window.

We were able to save the new counter tops we had put in earlier.  The new coffee pots and new window make it much easier to work on the inside.

      Our Support Vehicles

CW-3 is a 1999 Jeep Cherokee.  We use it as a utility vehicle, to get supplies while on a fireground,  to change crews if we have to, or to handle a second incident.  It can carry 2 coolers of water and gatorade in the event of multiple fire calls.  We would try and use this during brush fire season to get additional water and gatorade to crews a distance from the rehab area.

CW-4 is a 2012 Ford F-150 pickup.  It was bought as  another utility vehicle.  It was converted to another smaller ReHab unit.  It carries 2 pop-up tents, 2 coolers, several extra cases of water and gatorade,  In cold weather we carry a propane heater, and can use the tents as warming tents.  In the summer, we carry misting fans, and can use the tents as cooling tents.